Sunday, February 8, 2009

PR/Advertising Information

I am always looking for products to review that meet the needs of your typical family. The ages of my cast: boy (5), boy (16), husband (30), and me (43)

Reviews and/or Giveaways:
  • Products can not be returned and must be FULL-SIZE (unless agreed to prior to review).
  • You receive a thorough review of your product, complete with photos and/or video of your product being used.
  • If a giveaway is incorporated the sponsor will be responsible for shipping item to the winner of the giveaway (unless agreed to prior to review).
  • In return, all entries will require visiting sponsors website and commenting on a feature/or some other detail.
  • The product will be tweeted in twitter daily until giveaway is completed (typically 7 days).
I will not review Adult Material, although my husband will be disappointed.

Advertising Space (when review/giveaway is not included):

I am offering a special for 125x125 ads under Sponsor sidebar.
  • Please email me for price options
I think it is important that other consumers are able to hear honest opinions about services and products before spending money in this economy. I believe in full disclosure.

I am currently a PR4 blogger, but please email me at for other blog stats.

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I am also new to entrecard...stopping by to drop and say hi...