Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Samples: From Me to You

It's Thursday!!! As promised I found some free samples online so you wouldn't have to. I try to get a good sample of things and always make sure I remember our Boxers – Brindie, Rocky, and Sabris!


Dog Food: is offering canine cuisine for the discriminating pups.

If your pup has bad breath Breathalicious has the dog bone for you! Now, if they would just make some sort of anti-gas dog bone…Boxers are horrible!


Health and Beauty:

For those of you who made a quit smoking resolution, Nicoderm CQ is offering free samples plus a coupon for $7!

I don't want to forget my diabetic friends. GlucoBurst makes managing your diabetes a little bit easier.

Costco is giving samples to women (or men, but I don't want to know…) of Kotex Lightdays Pantyliners.

I thought I would help you out with your breath, since I offered something for your pups…so, Aquafresh is offering a free sample for humans!


Food and Beverage:

Yogi Tea is offering free samples of their green teas. You get the sample pack of Mexican Sweet Chili (sounds different), Meditative Time, and Berry Anti-Oxidant.

Member's Mark is offering free infant formula for all the new moms out there!

My favorite offer today is Bear Naked, Fruit & Nut granola. I love this stuff! I put it in my yogurt for a yummy and healthy snack…try it.



I don't want to leave out cleaning supplies, so check out the free sample from Scotch-Brite!

And last, but not least – if you have a child in 6th to 9th grade here is an Afterschool Kit to help teach them to make the Right Decisions, Right Now.


Hope you enjoy this week's freebies! Let me know what you're looking for and I'll try to find it for you……



Ranee said...

Wow thanks for finding the freebies for us. I can't wait to get the green tea one and the granola sounds yummy too! I love freebies!!!!

MammaDawg said...

How nice of you to post the freebies!

Got something for you over at "On the Rocks" - hope you can come by soon to check it out! =)