Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reminder: Friday Night LIVE Blog Party with MomDot

I have never taken part in the FNL Blog Party - this will be my first, but it sounds like so much fun! There are LOTS of great prizes and a bunch of awesome moms to meet!

From their site:
If you have never been, every Friday night we meet at 830PM and run a LIVE webcam show. Sometimes we have a subject we are talking about, sometimes we interview someone, sometimes we just chat. This week, its GAME NIGHT! You need to have an account with and be listed as our “friend” to be able to view the LIVE Show. You meet up HERE and we will have a post ready to talk to you while the show is going on. Basically, if your confused, be here, the girls will help you!
Lots of people show up every week and its a fun, interactive way to win prizes and be a part of a true community.
This week, because its the day before Valentines Day, we wanted to bring you a bit of a treat, celebrate the opening of our new online
Social community, and hang out. We have a LOT of great sponsors that support our blog and they wanted to make sure you were rewarded for showing up, as well as, given a chance to learn about their company.
Sponsors include:
Things Remembered
Casio - unbelievable watch giveaway featuring a Casio Wave Ceptor in Black name a few!
Please visit for more details. See you there!

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