Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review: Out of the Box Sampler – February Valentine

I got my box today. It was so exciting. I love getting anything in the mail that isn't bill related. To get a bunch of small surprise presents in one big box - I'm in heaven.

Needless to say, I'm not one to just take my time with everything. I ripped the box open, took a couple pictures, and dug right in.

Pretty Wrapped Up (Personalized Wrappers w/tootsie rolls and 15% off purchase)

Deborahs Candle Magick (Tarts and Yellow and Purple candle – which I used for my Valentine)

Magick Moon Soapworks (Heart-shaped Soap that smells great)

Adrienne Mason (Chocolate Pretzel)

Park Avenue Creations (Body Butter)

Lainey's Pawtique (Doggie Cookies and boy did my pups devour these…)

FunkTionAl (Lavender Bath Salt – waiting for the kids to go back to school so I can enjoy this in private)

Primitive Baking, Inc (Valentine Sugar Cookie that melted in my mouth)

Willow Lake Scents (the yummiest chocolate covered cherry lip balm ever and the coolest lip scrub. I immediately scrubbed and moistened then kissed my hubby to death, thanks!)

Angel Made Scents (Sugared Shortbread tart that I had to burn immediately. It even tricked my kids because they ran downstairs to see what I was baking.)

The Best Damn Granola Co. (fig n' nuts granola – added it to some yogurt, delicious!)

Fizzy Bubbles (Cupcake Bath Bomb that is the cutest thing you ever saw. My son turns 5 in a couple days and I'm saving it for his bath.)

The Sweet Jelly Bean (Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie that my kids fought over – the older one won and LOVED it.)

M-D Candles (Asian spice tarts)

Mary Rudakas (Cupcake Cutout Bookmarker that I put in my current reader)

I also got a pink take-out box filled with Chocolate Covered Cherry Tarts that I burned yesterday. Incredible, but I don't know who to credit – so sorry.

The Ugly Duckling (Tarts)

If you are interested in review great samples from awesome companies please visit Out of the Box Sampler. Each month they feature various samples from vendors to share with others. It is a great idea and I boxes sell out fast, so get on their mailing list.

From their website: The Out Of The Box Sampler caters to finding YOU the best etailers who offer handmade goodies in business today! We pack our boxes full with 13-15 different samples from our contributors each and every month. You'll find tarts, scrubs, soaps, candles, jewelry, gourmet food, primitive designs, as well as discounts, coupons, free shipping offers and much more! BOXES GO ON SALE THE THIRD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH!



Mary Rudakas said...

Thanks for mentioning me and my cupcake bookmark! Out of the Box Sampler boxes rock!!

Brittney Kaye said...

this is cute. Do you remember how much a box was? I looked around the website but coundn't find out! I want to order one! I joined the mailing list on her site! :)