Monday, February 23, 2009 Brings Families Back Together

Gone are the days when the family sat around the table to play Monopoly. Susie and Jimmy are busy with their Playstation and X-box. Dad is kicked back in his recliner watching football while Mom is Tweeting. Sound familiar? Well is bringing back Family Game Night at

You need to check out the site because there is great game recommendations and chances to win. Don't forget to take poll of your favorite game while you are there.

To get the party started's editor in chief and toy expert, Jim Silver will be answering all your toy questions on February 27th with a Site Warming Party. Make sure to check out #timetoplay and the Goody Bag Contest directions at Resourceful Mommy.


A Psych Mommy said...

Thanks for this site rec! I love family game night--(although it's more like couples game night right now since my son is too young). I'm looking forward to instituting this tradition in my home, though!

Mary said...

Sounds like fun. Time to turn off the TV and do some interactive things to bring back "family time".

SuZ said...

I love this idea. And I can't wait to put it all into action when my girl gets older. :)