Friday, March 6, 2009

The ABC's of Me...

I saw this on another blog and loved it. I hope you enjoy learning something about are the ABC's of me.
A..sian. I am half Fililpino and half Scottish.
B..oys - I have two of them. One is 5 years old and the other is 15!
C..hristmas is my favorite holiday, but I never seem to have the $ I would like to buy presents.
D..ogs. We have 3 boxers - Brindie, Rocky, and their son Sabris.
E..xclamation point. I use them way too much, but can't seem to stop. It drives me nuts.
F..orty-two, that is how old I am!
G..raduated from college in Dec '08 with a 3.89/4.0 with a BS in Psychology, Minor in Business
H..elen. My gramma's name. She passed away, but I think of her all the time!
I..ntelligence is a huge turn on for me. My DH is very intelligent...too intelligent sometimes.
J..ames. My DH and my youngest son are named James, but my youngest is NOT a Jr.
K..ind. I think I'm a nice person - don't you?
L..isa is my name! Yep, that's me, but you already knew that!
M..arried for 6 years to my DH.
N..orthville, NY is where I grew up.
O..verwhelming. My life is pretty overwhelming and I'm amazingly capable of handling it. is my favorite color. My DH hates it though.
Q..uilting. I would love to learn to quilt. I don't own a sewing machine though and I can't sew.
R..ebel = me when I was young and payback is a B!tc#- my 5 yr. old is me, reincarnated.
S..aturn. This is the car I is my 2nd Saturn - but I want a Honda CRV!
T..hirteen years is the age difference between my 29 year old DH and myself!
U..ltimate Fighting Championship. I am addicted to MMA and never miss a UFC.
V..iolence. I am an advocate against violence against women (or men) - emotional/physical.
W..eight. I have too much of this...but it is me - take it or leave it!
X..trovert..I know, spelled wrong, but work with me. I am a people them.
Y..elling makes me anxious. I hate when people fight with each other.
Z..oo - We have a year membership to the Atlanta Zoo and plan on being there a lot this year.


Kathleen W. said...

Wow, it was fun learning more about you! I can't believe you're 42, you look about 28 (and you're so pretty too--don't take that as a lesbian comment!).

I'd also like to learn to quilt, and I know a bit about MMA too, since my husband loves UFC.

Lisa P said...

Wow I love learnign about other people I may do this! Hey I have an award for you! award

Bethany said...

Love it I just might have to do it myself.;)

daytoncat said...

Hehee! I love UFC too! I think I just like to watch GSP in his tighties! I tell my hubby he can have the ring girls all walking round during the fight but don't mess with me when I get to watch the boys during their weigh ins....YUM!

Veronica Lee said...

This is fantastic! I'm going to 'steal' this for my next post.

Priya said...

Same here.....was thinking what to write for my next post....thanks Lisa! ;)

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

As your newest follower ... I CAN'T believe that you are 42! You look like you are in your early twenties! WOW

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that you are 42 and look 20! I am 54 and look every year of it, hence the baby icon. No one wants to look at this old broad. You however they would. Oh, you do look a lot like!

(I use !! way too much too, also " " but oh well, that makes us special ;-} )

Denise said...

I did not realize you had been blocked... I was trying to sort through some people, I may have inadvertently blocked you. I had some weird people following me and I was kinda just going down the list and think I hap - hazardly clicked you in my attempt to get the scary people off my list! I am so sorry, I never met to block you, I apologize! I am going to go back and fix it! Again, so so sorry - I need to be more careful!

Betty said...

It is scary how much alike we are. Yikes! lol
Nice to see a pic of my friend, now if I could only get you to put it as your avatar lol!

Believer said...

You look great for 42.

Overwhelming…it’s obvious you probably do well or best under pressure.

Thanks for sharing more about you!

This was cool, and I'm stealing it. ;)