Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Winner of the CVS Giftcard Announced

Fruitfulvine2 left my 94th comment for The Ultimate Blog Party post! Congratulations on being my 94th comment! Unfortunately there is no contact information for Fruitfulvine2 therefore I'm hoping you come back here soon (end of day Monday) to let me know where to send you CVS giftcard.
I met some great people at the party this year and if I haven't gotten back to your site - I will! Thanks so much for stopping by and be on the look out for some incredible reviews and giveaways in the coming week.
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Betty said...

Oh no! What a bummer, I hope you find your winner.

Lisa - Mom of 2 Boys said...

I'm sure she will be do you like the new comment section? Where is your avatar?

Gumby007 said...

Ok Lisa what is with the new comment format? Im scared hahaha, Its Lisa @ isitmondayalready. ANyway tell me how to get a profile LOL, and while you at it pick up your award!

Award Here

Lisa - Mom of 2 Boys said...

I think you rock!