Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Have A Smelly Washer...Do You?

Actually, I don't have a smelly washer because I used Smelly Washer. Mom Fuse offered me the opportunity to try a product that eliminates odor from you washer and towels. It also works on mildew and mold.

Fortunately for me my washer is relatively new, but my BFF's washer is another story. So, I did my towels using the Smelly Washer and let her get the mildew smell out of hers. My towels have developed some sort of metallic smell. It isn't overbearing, but I can smell it. I guess that is what happens when have 3 males who leave their towels on the floor in the bedrooms. UrrgGghh!

The true test came when I washed the sheets and towels that Brindie has been using for her new puppies. I thought for sure it wouldn't take out the pet odor, but it did. I'm so glad because it is hard to eliminate the odor of 13 puppies and a mama!

My BFF reported that she used the Smelly Washer in her washer and although it really cut-back on the mildew smell, it took a second treatment for it to totally eliminate the odor. So, looks like Smelly Washer gets 2 thumbs up!

Smelly Washer has offered 10% off to Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 blog readers using coupon code: momof2boys at their website found here. The normal price is $16.99 and the bottle should last for 24 treatments up to a year! Oh, did I fail to mention that Smelly Washer is GREEN and ships to the UK?

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review, but did receive a sample of Smelly Washer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Had a Juicy Juice Party!!! Giveaway and Review - CLOSED

Thank you to we were selected to have a Juicy Juice party to sample their new product line featuring Brain Development and Immunity line. We were given party packs that included growth charts, tote bags, coupons, water bottles, activity books, and playing cards for the kids. We decided to make fried pizza for our party. All in all we had over 25 parents and children show up. We played badminton and sampled all the flavors: apple, berry, and grape. It was a blast!

Overall, the immunity was favored 2 to 1 over the brain development by the adults, but the kids loved all of them. I personally didn't like the brain development line as much as the immunity because it had a thick texture, but others loved it. There is no sugar added (bonus!) and the natural sugar was minimal (roughly 9 or 10g). There are no preservatives and no artificial color either! The brain development blend features DHA, a building block for brain development. The immunity blend features fiber, Vitamin C, and Zinc to provide a boost for the immune system.

I wanted to share our party with 2 of my readers, therefore I am offering 2 of you a Juicy Juice water bottle, a deck of Juicy Juice cards, a Juicy Juice totebag, a coupon for Juicy Juice, an activity book and a growth chart.


1. In order to enter please visit Juicy Juice and let me why you want to try the New Juicy Juice.

Want Extra Entries?
2. Follow me on twitter (@lisasamples) and tweet this contest leaving me a link. (1 entry per tweet per day)
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Be sure to leave a comment for each entry!

Giveaway closes May 16th at 9 pm EST. Open to US Residents Only. Winners will be chosen using
Disclosure: This review was made possible by and Juicy Juice.


Review: Sock Grams - Just in Time for Mother's Day

Mom Fuse did it again! They offered me a chance to review a great company: Sock Grams! Why do I think this is great? Well, Mother's Day is coming and I never know what to get my mom - but this is such a clever idea and my mom LOVES socks! My mom is an avid collector of handbags, shoes and fun socks - perfect for Sock Grams!

The packaging was adorable and the personalized card that accompanied the socks was very professionally printed. I ordered the Breast Cancer Awareness socks because my mom is a 5 year survivor of breast cancer and I wanted to see if they were something she would like. Here is a sample of the Mother's Day Card:

My sister-in-law's mother was just recently diagnosed and is scheduled to have her surgery next week (prayers welcome). I'm going to order her a pair with a "Get Well Soon" or a "Thinking About You" personalized message. It is perfect because she is allergic to flowers - but everyone wears socks!

I invite you to think about Sock Grams for a special mom you may know. You can even send them to me, if you like. (*grin*) They have socks for every occasion: Expecting Mom, Happy Birthday, Eco Girl, and so many more. They even carry toe socks (which my sister loves). So what are you waiting for? Go order your Sock Gram!

Wordless Wednesday: What Is This?

I know it is a flower, but what kind?
I found it growing in my front yard...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Deserved My Me Time!

I finally got Me Time on Sunday. It was refreshing! I loved every second of it! Life has been soooo crazy here the past 6 months. I graduated from college in December and haven't been able to find a job. My car got totalled. Once fixed, my engine blew. I found a new temporary job. The temporary job was really temporary (lasting 3 weeks). My car engine blew again (brought it back to the shop today). My boxer had 14 puppies. My oldest son turned 16. I won't go on...

Anyway, Mom Fuse offered me the opportunity to review Me Time clothing for women - and I jumped at the opportunity once I visited their site. The first thing that caught my eye was how comfortable the clothing looked. I am big into comfort! The second thing that caught my eye were the great sayings on the shirts. You can find things like "When Mom is Happy, Everyone's Happy" and "Shoes - Variety is the Spice of Life." But, the thing that really caught my attention was that the shirts came in XXL (as well as other smaller sizes). Just in case you can't tell - I'm not a tiny woman.

The shirts also come in a variety of styles: crew neck, v-neck, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, and tank tops. Now that summer is almost here I will have to order a couple tank tops with other fun sayings.

So, on Sunday I threw on my "I Like It Dirty" (featuring a martini glass with olives), brown V-neck t-shirt and headed out for the day with hubby. I left the 2 kids behind with the 3 dogs and 14 puppies. Not only did we have a great time, but I was comfortable and fashionable. I even got 3 compliments on my shirt! One woman asked me where she could get one and I happily shared the Me Time website address with her!
Mother's Day is right around the corner - you really should treat yourself to some Me Time, you deserve it!
Note: The only thing that could make this shirt better is if it were stain resistant. I can stain anything when I eat! You would think after 42 years I would know where my mouth was!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Have An Asian Twist "Mama"rita

Twittermoms is having a “Cinco de Mama!” Margarita Twitter Party! We are celebrating with Jose Cuervo and it is going to be a blast! I'm actually going to share a recipe with you for an Asian Twist Margarita that you can make for the party.

3/4 lbs. fresh mangoes (you can even find these in the frozen section at your nearest grocer)
1/4 c. sugar (add more to taste)
1/2 c. water
Dash of salt
4 oz Jose Cuervo Especial
2 oz triple sec
Ice (roughly 3 cups)

Cut mangoes into large chunks, making sure to pit it first. Place in blender with the water, sugar, and a dash of salt. Blend until it is smooth. Taste and add more sugar, if necessary. Add Jose Cuervo, triple sec, and ice. Blend until perfect.

Rub rim of margarita glass with lime and dip into sugar mixed with crushed, dried mint leaves.

Note from Twittermoms: We’ll also be tweeting for a good cause! For the first 2,500 re-tweets from 5p.m.-7p.m. PST under the #cuervo hashtag, Jose Cuervo will donate $1 to RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving). Jose Cuervo & RADD also remind you to designate before you celebrate.

Disclosure: This post was inspired by Jose Cuervo and Twittermoms. It is part of a contest, but I have received no form of compensation.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brindie is Having Her Puppies! UPDATED

You can follow the birth of Brindie's puppies on twitter using hashtag #puppies. She is resting right now at 4:06 pm. She has had 4 boys and 1 girl so far. There are more to come...

There are the first 5 puppies!

Wanna see the funny story behind all this? I caught them having sex!

Okay, she is currently on puppy #14! I'm overwhelmed, she is tired. I'm overwhelmed because who in the heck is gonna pay for all this? LOL I budgeted for 10 - and I'm not sure she is done yet. Anyone want to virtually adopt a puppy? Just kiddin, kind of... Anyway, here are more pups!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brindie is in labor....

For those of you who follow me on twitter you might remember me tweeting a frantic tweet about catching Rocky mounting Brindie in the backyard - 2 months prior to her next heat cycle. Well, although poor Rocky only has one visible testicle - it is a very powerful one! Brindie is in labor.

Brindie had a litter last year and we were being careful not to breed her again....but Rocky had other plans. She is a great mama (see the pic of her lovin' on one of the pups from her last litter), but we own her because we love her - not because we want a puppy mill. I hate that she has to do this again.
Truth be told, she did great last time. She had 11 babies and we kept 1, Sabris. Here is a pic of their first time going outside...

I'll post pics of her over the next few days and keep you up to date on how many pups. She looks bigger than a house right now. Well, I'm gonna go lay down with her and keep her company.

To follow Brindies labor and delivery on twitter use hashtag #puppies ~~Do you like dogs?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know today is Earth Day? Well, it is! Do you do something special? I made a conscious effort to go out of my way to pick up every piece of trash I saw today! I think I lost about 6 inches in my waist line. It felt good! I should do it every day.
Well, I wanted to tell you about a giveaway at Calypso Studios for a great "Acts of Kindness" tote bag. You can enter here. It ends tonight. Make sure you check out the other products on the site while you are there. Oh, they are giving away $10,000 worth of totes - so go, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your Kids Will Love You

I just found out about the most incredible giveaway at Dad Blogs done in conjunction with They are giving away the mother of all swing sets! I need to win this swingset. Why, you ask? Look here...

My poor son has been forced to play on his big brother's swing set - which is 14 years old! The dogs have chewed most of it away, but it is all we have right now. Don't you think I would be the coolest mom in the world if I could give him this?

I'm so excited about this giveaway I could scream. Along with the swingset I could win a new camera (Canon PowerShot SD1100 Digital Elph) and my pictures here would be so much better! Come over to Dad Blogs and check it out!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Mom Logic

I have done things for my kids that I would never have dreamt of doing if I weren't a mom. I have had people judge me for the decisions I have made and I have been forced into some pretty uncomfortable situations in my 16 years of being a parent. To the average Joe my decisions may have seemed illogical, but to me it was my Mom Logic that got me through the hardest times.

When my oldest son was 4 years old his dad left. I was a full-time college student at the time and his dad was our sole-provider. Unfortunately when he left, providing wasn't his top priority. It was an ugly situation that resulted in an eviction notice and a soon to be homeless mother and child. Lucky for us, my Mom Logic kicked in. I quit school and sold almost everything we owned, packed up a U-Haul truck, and drove across the country with my 4 year old and our cat. You see, my mom's Mom Logic kicked in and she told me to come home.

Years passed and we got back on our feet. It hasn't been without bumps and bruises, but we get through each obstacle. In my children's lifetime (although they will never know it) I have had to make sacrifices. I have had to utilize food pantries, medicaid, and food stamps. I have had to participate in Toys for Tots. I have had to bring my children to the church for free meals. I have had to count on people who weren't very nice to me - all in the name of feeding my children and making sure they had a roof over their heads.

To me, that is Mom Logic. It is the power you are given to do the things a person would never do if it weren't for their children. Most people who have never experienced the responsibility of feeding a hungry belly will probably not understand how much pride and dignity you sometimes have to forsake in the name of being a mother in tough times.

Today is a great day. My children are happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Thank you to all the people who nominated me for the Mother of All Blogger contest and Momlogic for the opportunity to share my idea of what Mom Logic is....

I Do! BRIDE WARS and Paper Shouts Review & Giveaway

It is official, BRIDE WARS will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 28th! Have you heard about the movie? It is a definite must-see for any woman, especially for the bride-to-be. I've seen a couple of the trailers at 20th Century Fox's BRIDE WARS website and I am really looking forward to buying the DVD.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Liv (played by Kate Hudson) and Emma (played by Anne Hathaway) have been best friends their entire lives. They even decided as children that their perfect wedding would be held at The Plaza Hotel. As adults they each become engaged within hours of each other and begin planning their dream weddings at their dream venue. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, their wedding dates clash and neither of the brides are willing to budge. What starts out as a supportive, exciting time turns in to an all-out war.

Paper Shouts and 20th Century Fox have been kind enough to offer one of my readers a chance to win a copy of BRIDE WARS on DVD and a $25 GC to Paper Shouts. In addition the winner from my giveaway will be entered into another drawing on the Paper Shouts website that includes the chance to win movie memorabilia such as the sunglasses worn in the movie by Kate Hudson and a movie one-sheet signed by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and the GRAND PRIZE is a great Mexican vacation—6 nights at the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort and airfare for 2 on AirTran airlines.

Paper Shouts makes 'posh notes for life's big moments' and feature a new Couture Line of wedding invitations. They also have several other lines of announcements and other invitations for various special occasions.

The Giveaway:

1. Post a comment about which characters style you relate more to—Emma’s traditional, romantic style or Liv’s couture, “only the best” approach. In addition you must tell me which Paper Shouts card you like best. To pick the card, you need to go to and select your favorite card from the Bridal Shouts section. You must do BOTH of these things in order to be eligible.

Want additional entries?

2. Follow me on twitter (@lisasamples) and tweet this contest leaving me a link. (1 entry per tweet)
@lisasamples is giving away BRIDE WARS on DVD & $25 GC to Paper Shouts
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Giveaway closes May 8th at 9 pm EST. Open to US Residents Only. Winner will be chosen using

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Fit Families Mother's Day Bash and Giveaway

Every year our family tries to find things that we can do together that promotes fun and exercise. It can be especially challenging due to our huge age differences. I'm 42, my hubby is 29, my oldest son is 15 and our youngest is 5 years old. One staple thing is walking or hiking. Each summer we go to different places that offer various levels of hiking trails and creeks for wading. This is a great activity because we can bring our 3 boxers and they love it!

This year our family exercise choice is badminton. We put our net up this week and have been enjoying it immensely. We had a Juicy Juice party yesterday and the kids went crazy over the game.
Have you ever heard of We Fit Families? It is a great forum that has loads of information regarding making families stronger. They promote healthy family exercise and have forum groups like Diet & Fitness and Fitness Blogs. You can also find healthy eating advice and recipes, as well as other valuable information.

Just in time for Mother's Day they are sponsoring a Mother's Day Bash and multiple giveaways that I believe you would really enjoy! They are also throwing a twitter party on May 1st using the hashtag #fitfam. You can learn more about the party and register for incredible prizes, such as the grand prize sponsored by McCormicks Spices: Set of Super Spices, DietFoodsRX book, Measuring spoon set, and a $200 gift certificate to winner's local grocery store (so you can put Super Spice tips to use)! There are also a host of others who are giving away incredible prizes such as:

GIVEAWAY: So, I thought I would get involved in this fun, healthy Mother's Day Bash and offer a giveaway from the sponsor, Bonitas International, LLC. They have graciously offered to donate A Mother's Promise Beaded Lanyard to one lucky reader. You can choose from any of the 6 designs featured here.

How to Enter:
1. Visit our sponsor here and tell me which of their lanyards you like (this isn't necessarily the one you have to get if you win). Make sure you leave your twitter name in your comment if you do not your entry will be deleted.

Want Extra Entries?
2. Go here and register for the twitter party to be eligible for the grand prize (1 entry).
3. Follow my blog (1 entry).
4. Tweet this giveaway: (create your own or use the one below)

WOW! Check out this GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY #fitfam (1 entry per tweet)

BONUS: Vote for me at MomLogic's Mother of All Bloggers (see left sidebar for link button) and get 5 additional entries!
All the mentioned giveaways end on 4/30/09 at 11:59 pm ET. Winners will be announced on 5/1/09 during our twitter bash #fitfam. Open to US Residents only.

This Side of Eternity Giving away McCormick Spices
The Organic Sister Giving away $25 GC
Coupon Princess Giving away Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon set
The Coupon Cupboard Giving away McCormick Spices
Copper Brick Road Giving away McCormick Spices
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Surviving the Stores Giving away Bright Bubs DVD
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Peanut Butter and Pickles Reviews Giving Baby Banz Sunglasses & Hat
Voices in My Mind Giving away Grandma Rocks T-shirt
The New Frugal Mom Giving away Preggie Pops & Preggie Pop Drops
Money Saving Methods Giving away "Mommy Needs A Time Out" tee
Dawn's Blog Giving away $25 Piggy Paint Gift Certificate
Five Monkies Review Giving away Between You and Me Journals
Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 Giving away Mothers Promise Beaded Lanyard
Clippergirl's Saving Spot Giving away Mamacita Tee

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Winner will be announced tonight at the Twitter Party!