Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Have A Smelly Washer...Do You?

Actually, I don't have a smelly washer because I used Smelly Washer. Mom Fuse offered me the opportunity to try a product that eliminates odor from you washer and towels. It also works on mildew and mold.

Fortunately for me my washer is relatively new, but my BFF's washer is another story. So, I did my towels using the Smelly Washer and let her get the mildew smell out of hers. My towels have developed some sort of metallic smell. It isn't overbearing, but I can smell it. I guess that is what happens when have 3 males who leave their towels on the floor in the bedrooms. UrrgGghh!

The true test came when I washed the sheets and towels that Brindie has been using for her new puppies. I thought for sure it wouldn't take out the pet odor, but it did. I'm so glad because it is hard to eliminate the odor of 13 puppies and a mama!

My BFF reported that she used the Smelly Washer in her washer and although it really cut-back on the mildew smell, it took a second treatment for it to totally eliminate the odor. So, looks like Smelly Washer gets 2 thumbs up!

Smelly Washer has offered 10% off to Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 blog readers using coupon code: momof2boys at their website found here. The normal price is $16.99 and the bottle should last for 24 treatments up to a year! Oh, did I fail to mention that Smelly Washer is GREEN and ships to the UK?

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review, but did receive a sample of Smelly Washer.


Delaney said...

Thank goodness I haven't had this problem with my new washer but I can see where between the males in your house and the new pups you would need something extra to do your heavy duty wash. Glad it worked for you. :*
Hope the pups and mommie are doing well.

Otter said...

Stopping by from dad blogs.  If they had something called smelly diaper then we would really be in business.
I couldn't get signed in so I am leaving my blog address here. Stop by and visit.

_Jodi said...

Wow.. this is a interesting product.. i could so use it for my washer.
Grats on the puppies.. i hope they are doing well :)

Mama Nut said...

AHH the smelly washer!!  My husband is  a student and I am a stay at home with 2 boys.  Of course, funds are tight, so we skimp to buy a washer and found a desent looking used for for $20.  It only took me 5 min after washing the first load  to discover WHY it was only $20.  Everything we washed smelled like urine!  I am not joking!  But what could we do?  So I got on line and tried all the home remadies.  Finally after OD-ing it with mildew remover did we finally get the smell out! 
I wish I would have known about that product then!
Oh, excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself.  I saw your link on many of the other blogs I have been reading lately and finally decided to stop by -- I mean, you can't really go wrong with a fellow mom with 2 boys right?
Great blog, have an awesome day!

Rob O. said...

Heather over at Diaper Hyena ( suggests filling your washer with hot water then adding 3 cups of distilled white vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda to the water.  Allow the cycle to run almost completely, advancing it to 'spin' right as the water starts to drain so that the washer will spin and drain at the same time.  Follow by wiping down the inner tub, removing any residue that has been loosened by the cleansing process.  To remove all remaining residue, follow this with a complete cold water cycle.
I've used this method in our ancient top-loading washing machine and it worked like a charm for pennies - especially if you already have (white) vingar & baking soda on hand.

Believer said...

Thank goodness that's one issue I don't have!