Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Mom Logic: The Mother of All Bloggers Contest

Do you think I'm the 'Mother of All Bloggers'? I'm wondering if there are 10 people out there that like me enough to nominateme for Momlogic and Mom Bloggers Club's new contest, "The Mother of All Bloggers Contest". I need 10 people who believe in me to be eligible for the contest. Are you one of them?

I could get a NEW laptop and a blog design if I win! Guess what else...I could win the LEAD story on! How awesome would that be! I already love my button and banner, but my background is drab - don't you think?

So, will you help me? If so, click the Nominate Me button below. When you get to my profile page post a comment on my wall letting the world know that you are nominating me for The Mother of All Bloggers Contest. Once I have 10 nominations I am eligible to go on to the next round. It must be done before April 19th at 11:59pm.

Thanks so much!


Gumby007 said...

I would be happy to lady but Im not sure how to vote.

LisaMomof2Boys said...

Just click the Nominate me button and if you aren’t a member, join Momlogic…go to my profile and write on my wall that you nominate me! :o) Thank you SSSSSOOOOOO much!