Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: MeeWee Kid's Hip Hop!

As a mom, our music choices are somewhat limited when our little ones are around. I'm tired of singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, the ABCs, and I Love You from Barney. My alternative is listening to the radio with James, but for some reason he picks up every not-kid-friendly lyric in every song. So, I'm stuck with all the repetitive children songs we all know and "love".

Well, thanks to Mom Fuse giving me the opportunity to review MeeWee that isn't the case anymore! Daniel Klein and Perry Landesberg, co-founders of MeeWee, developed kid friendly Hip-Hop music featuring lyrics and charactgers that are positive and fun! You can meet the characters by clicking here. My favorite is Jabari Jones and James likes Spinz, the DJ. The music is very catchy and James keeps telling me to stop singing and dancing, but I know he loves it because he asks me to turn it on every time we get in the car.

Here is a list of the songs you can find:

01. MeeWee Chant ----OUR FAVORITE!
MeeWee feat. Jabari
produced by Daniel Flannery

02. Us Bus
MeeWee feat. Gus the Bus Driver
produced by JoChris

03. I Can Be Anything
MeeWee feat. Divinity and Friends
produced by Divinity Roxx

04. Jumping Jacks
MeeWee feat. Jabari and Baby Power
produced by Daniel Flannery

05. So Much Love to Give
MeeWee feat. Flutterby and DJ Mike
produced by Daniel Flannery and Michael Flannery

06. HipHop-O-Potamus
MeeWee feat. Jabari and Baby Power
produced by Daniel Flannery

07. Planet Brooklyn
MeeWee feat. Jenny Guitara and Spinz
produced by JoChris

08. Sounds Like Music
MeeWee feat. Spark and Friends
produced by JoChris

09. Me and my Guitar
MeeWee feat. Jenny Guitara
produced by Adam Smirnoff

10. Kung Foo Kid
MeeWee feat. Kung Foo Kid
produced by Daniel Flannery

11. I Need a Hug
MeeWee feat. Cacky the Cactus
produced by Keith Middleton

12. Extra Cheese --------- Great for sleepy kids in the car!
MeeWee feat. MC CheddarMelt
produced by Daniel Flannery

13. Keyvo
MeeWee feat. Keyvo
produced by JoChris

14. Driftee McCloud
MeeWee feat. Driftee McCloud
produced by Daniel Flannery

You can hear samples on their website at and read more about the characters and company. I'm very thankful for the new music that James' and I have been rocking out to this week and I'm hoping you will give it a try!


Keitha said...

This looks like lots of fun with great songs for the kids!

Jennifer said...

What cute songs!! I love good kid friendly music for my kiddos to listen to!

Jodi said...

thats too cute!!!