Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Sock Grams - Just in Time for Mother's Day

Mom Fuse did it again! They offered me a chance to review a great company: Sock Grams! Why do I think this is great? Well, Mother's Day is coming and I never know what to get my mom - but this is such a clever idea and my mom LOVES socks! My mom is an avid collector of handbags, shoes and fun socks - perfect for Sock Grams!

The packaging was adorable and the personalized card that accompanied the socks was very professionally printed. I ordered the Breast Cancer Awareness socks because my mom is a 5 year survivor of breast cancer and I wanted to see if they were something she would like. Here is a sample of the Mother's Day Card:

My sister-in-law's mother was just recently diagnosed and is scheduled to have her surgery next week (prayers welcome). I'm going to order her a pair with a "Get Well Soon" or a "Thinking About You" personalized message. It is perfect because she is allergic to flowers - but everyone wears socks!

I invite you to think about Sock Grams for a special mom you may know. You can even send them to me, if you like. (*grin*) They have socks for every occasion: Expecting Mom, Happy Birthday, Eco Girl, and so many more. They even carry toe socks (which my sister loves). So what are you waiting for? Go order your Sock Gram!

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