Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Grad or Dad: RetroRazor Review and Coupon

With Father's Day fast approaching and graduations happening now I wanted to tell you about a great gift idea - RetroRazor. My hubby got an early Father's Day because he has been testing out some various products for reviews, just in time for Father's Day.

The razor came in a nice gift box that was inside of a burlap type drawstring bag. The presentation was very impressive. I wouldn't hesitate to give it as a gift - there was nothing "cheesy" about it.

Inside was the razor and lots of different blades. Did you know there were different blades for different skin types? I never knew that. The razor is very high quality and has a nice bit of weight to it. My husband said it "feels manly".

He loved the close shave and I loved the savings! Do you know how much we spend on razor blades for his Mach Whatever? It's a fortune! The RetroRazor will save us lots of money, especially in the summer because my husband shaves his entire head in the summer to keep cool.

He loves the 'old-time' shaving and has recently asked for a shaving mug and brush for his new razor. Maybe I'll surprise him for Father's Day with a few accessories.

From the site:

How close of a shave and is it safe?
Safety Razors give an amazing shave. Better than disposables. The risk of nicks and cuts are the same as with a disposable razor. It takes a bit of time to get used to shaving: angle and pressure are critical, and you make multiple passes. But amazing results!

How Eco Friendly are Safety Razors?
Safety Razor blades reduce waste by up to 97% vs. plastic and cartridge razors. There is minimal packaging for replacements, and the blade itself is only a single strip of metal. The mass of a blade is .6g vs. 5g for a Fusion head.

Can blades be recycled?
No. Most recyclers hand sort, and blades are sharp. Collect used blades in a tin can, and after a decade dispose of them. Sleep well knowing you reduced your shaving footprint magnitudes!

How many shaves can I expect from each blade?
It depends on the amount of surface area and hair. Typical usage is three-four shaves for a thick beard, two to three shaves for legs, however those with finer hair can get many more shaves. It is an experiment, but with $.15 cent blades, its not a huge deal.

Where can I get more blades?
Once you find the right blade, go to to order more. In a pinch, blades can be found at most full drugstores.

Why did safety razors disappear?
They didn’t! Half of the world still uses them! In the mid 1970’s Gillette and Schick. realized more money was in expensive heads and planned obsolescence! Number of blades has quintupled and blade prices are ridiculous. Marketing malarky if you ask us!

You can order your RetroRazor here and make sure you use your 10% off coupon (coupon code is MOMBLOGS).

Watchdogz Tattoo Review & Giveaway

Watchdogz makes a temporary tattoo for children that enables you to put contact information in case they (the children) get lost. Since summer is coming I thought this would be a great review. My son will be going on lots of field trips this summer with camp and I know I'll feel better with him having this information on his body. There will be no lost stickers or slips of paper.

For those that follow my blog you know we recently went to Gulf Shores on vacation. While we were at the beach I decided to put a temporary tattoo on my youngest son from Watchdogz. What better way to review this product than to test it in the ocean!

The tattoos come in a pack of 6 (for either boys or girls) and include a marker for putting your phone number. All materials are non-toxic and safe. We chose the surfing dog (Boogey Dog) for the beach!
How did it work? Amazingly. Although the tattoo comes off after 2 - 3 days (for an active kid), our tattoo lasted all 3 days in the pool, ocean, and bath. We finally removed it with baby oil after day 4, but James begged for another one. There is something about tattoos that kids love.

Momfuse, Watchdogz, and I want you to keep your kids safe this summer therefore we are offering a free kit to one of my readers!

The Giveaway:

The mandatory entry requires you to leave a comment telling me the name of one of the characters found on the tattoo. You can find that information here. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR FIRST ENTRY!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My House is Disgusting and My Grass is Taller Than Me

I'm not sure how it happened, but I can't function anymore. My house and yard are disgusting! I can't work under these conditions and I'm frustrated by the chaos. Have you ever felt this way? I have to work around here today, but I'm hoping to be done by this evening.

My goals:

Wash, dry, fold, and PUT AWAY the laundry (I hate putting away laundry)
Vacuum (hope I have enough bags - I haven't vacuumed in a week!)
Dishes (I can't see the kitchen counter)
Clean puppy area (I clean it 3x a day, but 12 puppies poop a lot!!!)
Clean bathrooms (I won't even comment on this...)
Find the floor (I know it is down there - somewhere)
Mow the lawn (I hope I don't get lost. Ever seen a corn maze?)
Plant the flowers I bought 3 weeks ago (before winter)

Can I do it all?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Is Your Child Doing Online? PG Key Review & Giveaway

My sister really needed this last month. Well, she still needs it. Her 11 year old son spends a lot of time on the computer and she doesn't really have a grasp on what he is doing. Last week he was grounded and she had to bring the keyboard to work with her so he wouldn't use the computer.

You read about online predators all the time, thinking to yourself that it would never happen to your child (and I hope you are right). Guess what? It happens to someones child - somewhere. PG Key can help keep your child safe and keep you informed.
PG Key is a small flash drive looking device that once installed on your computer, has many different functions. First, you can monitor the amount of time each user can have access to the computer in a day. For example, if you want your child to only have one hour of computer time a day the PG Key monitors the time he/she is online and automatically stops responding once that time is up.

PG Key also offers a Safe Search function that blocks inappropriate searches. For example, I searched for "porn" and it told me there were no results. Another great option is that if certain words are typed (you pick the words) it will send you notification. Once I typed the word "porn" an email was sent to me giving me the time the word was typed and what the word was that was typed. Wow!

My first thought was what would stop them from taking out the key? Well, if you take out the key you get the following message....

The computer automatically locks and the access is disabled. If you lose the key there is a back up password that you can use to have full access to the computer and override the key protection - no need to worry.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about the most amazing feature - you have remote access to view EVERYTHING your child does while using the computer. PG Key records all keystrokes and screens accessed on the computer and you can view the recording! If he/she opens Paint and makes something, it records it. If he/she opens a browser and surfs the net, it records it. If he/she is chatting on IM, it records it.
There are so many things this device does that it is hard to write a review on it - it is something you have to experience yourself. Personally, I do not think any parent should be without this.
PG Key has offered to give on of my readers their own key! Do you want one?
The Giveaway: The mandatory entry requires you to leave a comment telling me why you need this after watching the demo on their site. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR FIRST ENTRY!

To learn more about the PG Key you can check out their website here.

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Note: I did have a problem with the installation at first and kept getting an error trying to activate the key, but I waited a couple hours later and it worked fine.
This giveaway will end June 8th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be determined by and will have 48 hours to send contact information to lisa(dot) It is mandatory to leave your email address in your first comment because I need to be able to contact you.

Disclosure: This review was possible thanks PG Key. I was given a key for review, but received no monetary compensation for this post.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Gulf Shores Vacation

The weather ended up being beautiful.James loved the beach.

But everday called for mid-day naps...

TemporalScanner by Exergen Review and Giveaway

This contest is closed - please Congratulate bridget3420!
When asked if I would be interested in reviewing the TemporalScanner by Exergen I jumped at the chance. You may remember from an earlier post that my family is prone to ear infections and other illnesses. It seems as if we are always on the hunt for the thermometer. The problem with the other thermometers is that they only work for a month or two and then somehow mysteriously give us an error code or don't turn on at all.

I received the TemporalScanner about two weeks ago and I have been dying to test it, but (of course) no one has been sick in my house. I did get to test it on normal temperatures and it worked great. However, last week my niece wasn't feeling well and I jumped at the chance to see if the thermometer would measure a fever.

Well, much to our dismay my niece was dead. We took her temperature 5 times - three times across the forehead and twice behind her ear and her temperature never went above 96.5. We were shocked! What was wrong with her? Well, it wasn't her after all. It was us! We forgot to take off the clear plastic cover from the top of the scanner. Needless to say, it was comical. My first recommendation: Take the top off when using!

She did have a slight fever of 99.9 according to the scanner. It took us 3 seconds to measure it. We then tried the ear thermometer and after 30 seconds it gave us a reading of 98.9. The oral thermometer took 4 minutes and read 99.7. I believe the most accurate was the temporal thermometer.

How does it work? The Exergen TemporalScanner gauges body temperature in two seconds by capturing the naturally emitted heat from skin over the temporal artery, which runs across the forehead and is directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery. They have done clinical studies showing the effectiveness of the TemporalScanner and there are hospitals all over that are already using this more accurate and less invasive method (Albany Medical Center, University of California Medical Center, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and many more).

I wish I had this when my children were babies. Can you imagine how much easier it would have been to take a sleeping babies temperature by gently sliding the thermometer across the forehead instead of sticking it in their "bum"? I would have killed for this (well, not really killed, but you know what I mean).

Want one? You have a chance to win one right now or if you are looking to buy one visit Walmart or Babies 'R Us (more locations can be found on their website).

The Giveaway: The mandatory entry requires you to leave a comment telling me something about the TemporalScanner that was not mentioned in this review. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR FIRST ENTRY!

To learn more about the TemporalScanner you can read this or check out their website here.

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Disclosure: This review was possible thanks to Momfuse and Exergen. I was given a TemporalScanner for review, but received no monetary compensation for this post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Purex and Protect-A-Bed Winners!

I'm back from vacation to announce some winners!
The two winners of the Purex 3-in-1 are:CVSer and Mom2Boys
The winner of the Protect-A-Bed giveaway is
Winners: Please send me your contact information via email to lisa(dot) Be sure to put what you won in the subject line! You have 48 hours to claim your prizes. Those who left email address were notified via email. Those that tweeted were contacted via twitter.
Congrats and thank you to all who entered! I have some great giveaways to post this week, so check back soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You and I'm Sorry For Your Loss

Today is Memorial Day and I want to say "Thank You" to all the men/women who sacrificed their lives for our country. I want to also express my condolences to all those who lost loved ones while serving in the armed forces.

On behalf of my family, THANK YOU!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winner of The Note II: Taking A Chance on Love

I don't think I will do a giveaway again where I pick the winner. It is just too hard! You are all winners in my eyes because each of you had an exceptional story and took a chance on love. However, I was forced to chose and this is the one that will win the first copy of The Note II.

MoonNStarMommy says:

Did I ever take a chance at love, yes. I was in a 10 year marriage, a bad one in the end, and got out (whew!) (course aren't they all bad in the end?) ... but I wanted to move on with my life. I got married as a teenager and never dated. I didn't honestly think anyoen would want me since I was the mother of 2 boys, one of which living with a rare genetic disorder who had a lot of medical issues. And here in lay the major issue, where was I going to meet anyone!?! So I turned to the internet, free dating sites, mostly for laughs, and a little attention then thinking anything serious would happen. But it did... twice. The first time, I knew it wasn't going to last, but he was a great guy and he helped me in a lot of ways. After that ended, I figured - oh well - it'll be just me and the boys. And then I met Dennis. He lived in NC and me in WI. We started talking as friends, thinking that would be it, and it ended up being so much more. Just talking on the internet, webcam, phone - there was so much more bringing us together then just a lot of common interests. My mom had decided to take my boys to WA State to stay with her for 2 months during the summer, it was suppose to be a chance for me to be me and not "mom" ... but all I could think of was "what if he's the one" ... so we set it up, a few days after my boys left, so did I. They went to one side of the country, I went to the other. I was scared, terrified he would take one look at me and reject me. Instead, he came up to me, and he swooped me back, crushing my mouth with his - the way you see in movies. That was it... I was hooked, and apparently so was he. It's so cliche to say that you met on the internet, and rarely works, but in our case, both being completely honest about who we were - we clicked. We've been together for 3 years and married for 2 1/2 ... we ended up adding two more boys to our crew ... and it's still happily ever after...

The random winner of the movie is:

onecluttered brain says:

Already a follower. I am a writer and this is what I do I write romantical fiction. I LOVE romances and would LOVE to win a romance. Anyway, question is Have I ever let a love slip away?
YES! If you want to count high school. There was this one boy that I knew we both were friends (I happened to have a crush on his best friend, best friend didn't like me) Anyway as I talked and talked to this boy I realized I was starting to fall in love with him. However I was TOO CHICKEN to tell him, he went away to college and I haven't seen him since. He was the first boy that helped my confidence along. HE KNEW I was beautiful and told me that everyday. (That was his nickname for me) I thank him in my mind everyday for allowing me to have a wonderful relationship with the man I love today. It might not have happened if I still though I was an ugly duckling. I'll tweet and blog about this giveaway too! Awesome. And if I knew what technorati was I'll probably do that too but I don't. I can tell my FB friends about it though. Thanks for the great giveaway. My follower name is one cluttered brain! Tweet name is aquamrine76!

Please email me your contact information to lisa(dot) Make sure subject is "Winner: The Note II".

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant Review & Giveaway

Everyone who entered gets the coupons! Congratulations - this is now closed.
I was recently sent the new deodorant from Dove called Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth. They sent me the Wild Rose scent and because I don't really like the smell of rose fragrances I never bothered opening it until 2 weeks ago. Well, when I finally broke down and opened it I found they sent me a bunch of coupons for $2.00 off and thought I should at least review the product.

Before I tell you what I found let me first explain something about me. I don't know if it is genetics or just my horrible luck, but I am a very hairy person. I have to get my face done at least every other week. I have to shave my legs everyday and even though I shave under my arms daily, I still have a terrible stubble (or 5 o'clock under arm shadow).

With that being said...

The smell of rose fragrances always smell artificial and strong to me. Dove did a great job at capturing a true rose scent. I actually liked it. The protection was great too, but to be honest I don't really sweat much even under intense circumstances. Dove was as good as any other deodorant I have used.

However, there is something that sets Dove above anything I have ever tried. After a week I noticed that shaving my under arms was a breeze. I didn't have to go at every angle, three or four times over again. I also noticed that the hair under my arms was becoming less course and that I couldn't see the stubble after shaving. Have you ever felt a babies skin? Well, that is exactly how my underarms felt - silky and soft.

My confession? I had no idea it was the Dove. I never bothered reading the material that came along with the sample and it wasn't until I was visiting another person's blog that I realized that this deodorant was designed to make the hair feel and look less noticeable. I was pretty impressed.

Now, I want you to try it. I have 10 coupons for 10 blog followers. Each coupon has $2 off for you and $2 off for a friend. What do you need to do?

GIVEAWAY: In order to win the $4 in coupons all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment with your email address telling me you follow.

It is not mandatory to TWEET this, but since I'm on vacation I would be appreciative if you would.

Open to US residents only and winners will be drawn from Closes 5/30 at 11:59pm EST.

Friday, May 22, 2009

328 Blogs from The Blog-A-Thon

Momdot came up with a great idea (what's new, right?) to do a Blog-A-Thon. Now you can find 328 great blogs all in one place. Look around and see what you find. If you find something you can't live without, come back and tell us what number the blog is... If you participated, please be sure to leave a comment with your blog number. I'm number 107!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Is Here - How Do Your Feet Look? Rejoice! Body Care Review/Giveaway

One of my biggest pet peeves about summer is seeing women wear flip flops and sandals who don't take care of their feet. I know you have seen her - the woman who has yellow crusty heels, with the overgrown toenails! It's just gross! Please, if you can't keep your feet looking nice wear shoes. I know pedicures can get expensive, that's why when Rejoice! Body Care contacted me to do a review I choose to review their Foot Therapy Kit.

It came in the cutest yellow box with a really pretty pink ribbon. The first thing I thought was "Wow, this would make such a great gift." But what was more impressive was the professionally done product labeling and presentation.

It came with a scroll for directions on how to use the products, a small loofah, Salty Foot Soak, Sugar Foot Scrub, and Foot Butter. The scent I sampled was Summer Breeze - a yummy, summery citrus smell. I couldn't have done better myself at nailing down a great fragrance.

The foot soak was nice. I soaked in a warm foot bath for about 20 minutes and I could tell a huge difference in the softness of my feet. After soaking I did my cuticles and they were very soft and easy to manage. I followed up with the scrub which almost smelled like I was rubbing fresh lemons on my feet. The amount of oil that was used in the product was perfect for my dry feet and the sugar scrub exfoliated just enough that my skin felt baby smooth without being irritate. I don't think I needed the Foot Butter because my feet were already silky soft, but I used it anyway for that added touch.
I'm going away for the weekend to the beach and I was thrilled to be able to do my feet before I left. In the past I used Bath & Body Works products for home pedicures, but I will definitely switch now. I had enough product left over to do at least 2 - 3 more pedicures and I used it generously.
Rada, from Rejoice! Body Care has been kind enough to offer my followers 20% off (use code: LS05) their purchased from now until July 31st, so be sure to order something off her website. You can't go wrong!
Rejoice! Body Care wants to know if you want a Foot Therapy Kit of your own. Well, do you? If so, read on!
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Disclosure: I received merchandise samples for this review.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Puppies Have a New Crib

Our first meal other than breast milk. More like our first bath in puppy food.

Watch Brindie's Blog for more updates later today!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heat N' Eat Dinner Meats by Tyson REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Tyson Foods recently asked if my readers would be interested in quick, easy meals. I know I love to cook, but some times I just want something fast, easy, and yummy - so I said, "bring it on!" In return they sent me some coupons for FREE Heat 'N Eat Dinner Meats so my followers could try out these recipes.

Tyson Foods has recently added four new flavors to their Heat ‘N Eat Dinner Meats line (a line of fully cooked, seasoned and slow simmered meats), including:

• Braised Brisket in Mild Chili Sauce
• Brisket in Fire Roasted Onion Sauce
• Beef Steak Tips in Burgundy Sauce
• Pork Loin in Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce

They teamed up with The Food Network and Chef Robin Miller who developed the following four recipes:

Brisket Quesadillas with a Creamy Salsa Dip:

Brisket Caprese Salad:

Angel Hair Pesto with Beef Steak Tips in Burgundy Sauce:

Cuban Pulled Pork Panini Sandwiches:

Click on recipe title for text version.

So, do you want to try one?

GIVEAWAY: In order to win a coupon for FREE Tyson Heat 'N Eat Entrees tell me which recipe looks yummiest to you. THERE WILL BE 8 WINNERS!!!

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Disclosure: I received a coupon for Tyson Heat 'N Eat Entree, but was not compensated any other way for this post.