Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mamapedia: VADO Digital Video Camera Giveaway

*Thank you to New Baby for donating this VADO camera from Creative Labs to our fun event. Please check out New Baby and consider adding your own vlog!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful new parenting advice search engine, Mamapedia, and now we'd like you to try the site out for yourself with our new contest, "What Can I Learn Today?" One grand prize winner will win a VADO digital video camera!

To Enter:

1. Visit Mamapedia and ask any parenting question.

2. Choose how you want to enter - or choose all three for more chances to win:

  • Comment to this post with your question and the answer you found
  • Blog about Mamapedia on your own site sharing the question you asked and the answer you found
  • Vlog about Mamapedia and your question/answer at New Baby.

3. Fill out this secure form to let us know that you entered.

It's that easy! Then join us for another SiteWarming Party on Twitter Saturday, May 23rd from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m eastern time to find out who won! There will also be several great door prizes.

Good luck!

*This contest is open to all U. S. residents 18 years or older and ends May 23rd at 9:00 p.m. eastern.

*This contest courtesy of Momfluence - Rocking the Cradle and Shaping the World.


Arin said...

I was wondering about what side effects melatonin has-since my daughter has a difficult time going to sleep. She quit takig naps at 1 yr old and 5 years later still has a hard time winding down (even with a regular schedule).  I found out that she could get nightmares-and also that cherries help the body's melatonin levels so I am going to start there.

Aura said...

My friend actually called me today to ask whether or not she could give her 8 month old graham crackers with honey.  Unfortunately the site has conflicting opinions although I did tell her I thought the botulism is only a problem if the honey isn't cooked but some people say that isn't true.  I guess a call to the pediatrician is in order.

amy p said...

I asked when I shoud start potty training my daughter? and I got<span style="color: #010101; font-family: Helvetica; line-height: 15px;">I wouldn't suggest starting until 18 months at least. trust me, I know diapers are expensive (I have 3 boys)But trying to potty train too young can backfire. The cloth training pants seemed to work the best for us, as Pullups felt too much like a diaper for my guys. Hope this helps! for an answer.</span>

missy said...

this looks cool

BrendaLea said...

I blogged about Mamapedia....thanks for sharing the much useful info and thanks for the chance to win.

LisaMomof2Boys said...

Just make sure to fill out the form on my post

BrendaLea said...

I blogged the giveaway.  I think I filled it out already,b ut if not here it is for sure.  Thanks for the chance to win Lisa.

Deb K said...

I asked how to get my granddaughter to stop biting her nails~and here is the answer I got.
I just called my Mother in law, and (she has a great "natural" remedy for eveyrthing) she said to put Aloe Vera (straight from the plant--they are inexpensive) on it. It is natural, will NOT hurt her, will stay on there (once it soaks in) through handwashing even, and tastes HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you get it up under what little nails she has, and around cuticles good too.

burgmissy said...

I would really enjoy this

Nancye said...

I asked for suggestions about dealing with a smart mouth 14 year old. They suggested video taping him to show him what he looks/sounds like. Good idea!

missy said...

Some of the comments about teenagers is what I am going through to.  We do need people to talk to that has the samethings going on in there lives.

valmg said...

I asked if any other Moms had experience with children who had Celiac disease having fingernails that grew very little.