Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winner of The Note II: Taking A Chance on Love

I don't think I will do a giveaway again where I pick the winner. It is just too hard! You are all winners in my eyes because each of you had an exceptional story and took a chance on love. However, I was forced to chose and this is the one that will win the first copy of The Note II.

MoonNStarMommy says:

Did I ever take a chance at love, yes. I was in a 10 year marriage, a bad one in the end, and got out (whew!) (course aren't they all bad in the end?) ... but I wanted to move on with my life. I got married as a teenager and never dated. I didn't honestly think anyoen would want me since I was the mother of 2 boys, one of which living with a rare genetic disorder who had a lot of medical issues. And here in lay the major issue, where was I going to meet anyone!?! So I turned to the internet, free dating sites, mostly for laughs, and a little attention then thinking anything serious would happen. But it did... twice. The first time, I knew it wasn't going to last, but he was a great guy and he helped me in a lot of ways. After that ended, I figured - oh well - it'll be just me and the boys. And then I met Dennis. He lived in NC and me in WI. We started talking as friends, thinking that would be it, and it ended up being so much more. Just talking on the internet, webcam, phone - there was so much more bringing us together then just a lot of common interests. My mom had decided to take my boys to WA State to stay with her for 2 months during the summer, it was suppose to be a chance for me to be me and not "mom" ... but all I could think of was "what if he's the one" ... so we set it up, a few days after my boys left, so did I. They went to one side of the country, I went to the other. I was scared, terrified he would take one look at me and reject me. Instead, he came up to me, and he swooped me back, crushing my mouth with his - the way you see in movies. That was it... I was hooked, and apparently so was he. It's so cliche to say that you met on the internet, and rarely works, but in our case, both being completely honest about who we were - we clicked. We've been together for 3 years and married for 2 1/2 ... we ended up adding two more boys to our crew ... and it's still happily ever after...

The random winner of the movie is:

onecluttered brain says:

Already a follower. I am a writer and this is what I do I write romantical fiction. I LOVE romances and would LOVE to win a romance. Anyway, question is Have I ever let a love slip away?
YES! If you want to count high school. There was this one boy that I knew we both were friends (I happened to have a crush on his best friend, best friend didn't like me) Anyway as I talked and talked to this boy I realized I was starting to fall in love with him. However I was TOO CHICKEN to tell him, he went away to college and I haven't seen him since. He was the first boy that helped my confidence along. HE KNEW I was beautiful and told me that everyday. (That was his nickname for me) I thank him in my mind everyday for allowing me to have a wonderful relationship with the man I love today. It might not have happened if I still though I was an ugly duckling. I'll tweet and blog about this giveaway too! Awesome. And if I knew what technorati was I'll probably do that too but I don't. I can tell my FB friends about it though. Thanks for the great giveaway. My follower name is one cluttered brain! Tweet name is aquamrine76!

Please email me your contact information to lisa(dot) Make sure subject is "Winner: The Note II".

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fiona said...

What great stories!  Congrats to the winners!