Friday, June 12, 2009

~~~ My Karate Kid ~~~

James isn't the most well behaved child in the world. I call him my "spirited" child. I call him other things at times, but this is supposed to be somewhat of a mom blog, so I'll keep it to myself.
Anyway, I thought signing him up for Karate would redirect his energy and teach him to be a bit more respectful. His dad is a black belt and his brother was a blue belt. I say he was because he recently started over as a white belt to help him refresh his memory.
Here's my problem.

Day #1 - We go to karate to sign up, but James freaks out and won't say "Yes, Sir" to the Master. When it comes time to holding up the uniform to ensure it fits, he refuses. What next? The crying. The carrying on. He doesn't want to do it (but I know he does). So we sit and watch.

Day #2 - We decide to just go and watch - no strings. By the end of the class he is ready to try on the uniform and he does pretty good. He's embarrassed because everyone makes a big deal about it and he wants to wear it home.
We get home and he doesn't want to take the uniform off. I explained to him that he can only wear it at karate. He cries - we take it off.
Day #3 - James doesn't want to go to karate. James wants to go, but just wants to watch. James doesn't want to go if he has to wear his uniform. James wants to bring his uniform, but just wants to watch. OMG!

So, now he wants to wear the uniform there, but doesn't want people looking at him. We put the uniform on and we head over to the karate studio (or whatever they call those places). We go in - he sits to watch the kids. We go home.

What do I do? I guess we go to karate dressed in our gi (uniform) and watch the little kids have fun for the next year? I know he would love it if he would just participate. Does anyone have advice?

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