Sunday, July 19, 2009

Non BlogHer Party! We Aren't Going So Let's Party!

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Stefanie from Mommy's Quite Time and I are bummed and from what we are hearing there are a lot of women out there (and some men too) who are equally as bummed about not going to BlogHer. Almost every tweet on twitter refers to BlogHer and it is almost impossible for you to read a blog without something about it. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome event, heck, I wish I were going...but I'm not. A lot of us aren't.

Well, a group of us decided since we weren't going - we'd have our own party! Our "NON BLOGHER PARTY!" and you are invited! We will be LIVE on Stickam, July 24th (Friday) at 9:30 EST hosting our own event. Stefanie and I will be talking about things going around on the blogosphere and addressing anything else you want to talk about. (add Lisa and Stefanie)

SWAG? Well, a NON BLOGHER PARTY wouldn't be a party if we didn't have something to giveaway, right? We have you covered. We have some great stuff already, but we are looking for more. Do you have something you would like to include in our giveaways for the night? If so email or with your donation. Can you hear us companies? Just because we can't make it to BlogHer 09, doesn't mean we aren't worthy! At the end of the night we will be doing a giveaway of all the SWAG we collect - so don't miss out!

Grab our button, post it on your blog, and come join us -
Non Blogher Party

If you want to attend, make sure you add bloggymommy3 to your Stickam account and momof2boyswifeof1 to your friends list. Also, to get an idea of how big our party is going to be, please sign our linky!

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