Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Things You Didn't Know About Me Blog Hop

There are things that I have never shared on my blog. Personal things. Today's blog hop is to reveal "3 things about me that you didn't know" so, here we go:

1) My body (for whatever reason) doesn't product progesterone. Because of this I have had over 14 miscarriages. However, I have to miracle boys as a result to getting progesterone very early in my pregnancies. I plan on doing a blog post about this subject one day.

2) I was once married to an alcoholic (for 10 years) and was always afraid to leave because I didn't want my son to be without his dad. Another reason I didn't leave is because I thought it would mean I'm a failure and because I felt guilty. However, I am remarried (7 years in Dec) and my first son has a wonderful relationship with my ex husband, his dad. I plan on doing a blog post about this subject one day as well.

3) I am addicted to the relationships I have made through my blog and through twitter. Yep, I love all the wonderful relationships I have made with you all. I hope I never burn out. I love helping people. I love sharing my ideas with others. I love social media.

If you leave me a comment, please leave your number on the list or your blog url. I would really want to learn something new about you too!

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