Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back-to-School: LapWorks Gamer's Desk Review & Giveaway

LapWorks asked me to review their Futura Gamer's Desk w/Regular MouzPad and Max MouzPad recently. I was very excited because my son, my husband, and I all use laptops while sitting on the couch and for whatever reason our laptops all get really hot and burn our legs. Using a pillow or similar object helps keep our laps from burning, but our fans laptops get blocked. With that being said the LapWorks desk has great ventilation throughout that allows air to flow.

The Futura Gamer's Desk has three parts that easily connect or disconnect from the main piece. Don't be timid snapping the pieces together - this desk is tough and it is made out of really tough material. I love the MaxMouzPad. It is large enough to use freely without having to reposition your mouse over and over. However, if not supported on your leg or by a pillow it feels a bit flimsy. Another great selling point is that when you aren't using the Gamer's Desk, it folds in half for easy storage.

The idea behind the LapWorks Gamer's Desk is that it is for gaming and can accommodate either a laptop or keyboard. It has built in notches to hold cords and it is large enough to hold whatever accessories you need for gaming. Although it is great for gaming, I believe it is useful for bloggers or students who use their laptops while sitting on the couch or propped up in bed. I use it every night.

LapWorks wants one of my readers to try the Gamer's Desk!

This is what you will win:
Futura Gamer's Desk w/Regular MouzPad and Max MouzPad

* Game anywhere! Leave your desk behind
* Wide platform secures notebook or keyboard with mouse
* Great for MMOs or FPS gaming
* Perfect for WoW keyboard and mouse warriors
* Giant 9"x11" mousing area with the Max MouzPad attached
* Gripping pads keep your laptop stable for precision gaming!
* 30-1/4" wide gaming lapdesk with both MouzPads attached
* Legs relax naturally without squeezing them together
* Reduces heat build-up in your notebook by 15% to 20%
* Ventilation slots provide cooling and structural support
* Converts into an ergonomic desk stand with 5 typing angles
* Folds in half for portability and easy storage

Visit LapWorks and tell me something you learn while at the site. Leave a comment below with your contact information.

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This giveaway will end August 26th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be determined by and will have 48 hours to send contact information to lisa(dot) It is mandatory to leave your email address in your first comment because I need to be able to contact you.

Disclosure: This opportunity was made possible by LapWorks and is my opinion of their product/service. Your opinion my be different.

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