Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: When it rains... pours! Here are some of the pics of the floods around my house this past week in Georgia.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Almost There....

Did you hear about the flooding in/around Atlanta? We survived, but unfortunately I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I wanted to put up a bunch of posts over the weekend, but there was NO WAY I was going to take the chance of my new laptop getting hit by lightning. Sorry, guess you all have something to look forward to this weekend.

PR and Companies:

Your review will still be done. I'm good to my word. I appreciate all your understanding and kind words as I get back into the groove.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess what? I'm to answer the 2,000 emails...

I got a new laptop - a Gateway. HP and Dell failed to contact me about a review, so I had to buy the most affordable laptop and trustworthy laptop I know...sorry guys. Well, now that I'm back I have so much to tell you all. I am loving my new job and I've been really busy getting things set up at work. My family is doing great - everyone is healthy and loving school.

Now, please bear with me. I have a lot of emails to sort through and I need to pull all the data off my old hard drive (also a Gateway!) and put it on this new computer. I have been without Outlook and it has killed me trying to figure out who I need to contact - if you have sent me an email in the past few weeks you may just want to resend. I expect to be making new posts by this weekend.

So glad to be back.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! Winners Announced...

Thank you all for sticking with me as my internet is out and my laptop is fried. I went shopping today for a new laptop and found a couple that look good. I have narrowed it down between an HP and a Gateway. I will make my final decision in 2 weeks....any recommendations?

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I thought I would share the announcements of the winners to our recent giveaways here...

The LapWorks Gamers Desk winner is...Laura Bethurem(King)
The SuperWhy Role Play winner is...Brie Hernandez
The Wat-Ahh! winner is...Melanie Sands
The Sid the Science Kid winner is...Nightowlmama
The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock winner is...Thymeofmylife

All winners have been notified and have until Thursday morning to respond.

Thanks guys for everything!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Paper Culture Review - Invitations, Cards, & More

I recently got the opportunity to review some products from Paper Culture, an eco-friendly stationery company. The cards were elegant and fun. Check out the invites for the "Flirty Thirty" party invitations:

Paper Culture provides a mail and message program that allows customers the option of having Paper Culture stuff, address, stamp and mail the cards on their behalf, and until January 1, 2010, the only charge for this service is the actual cost of the stamps!

From their site:

◦Our paper is FSC certified as 100% post consumer recycled paper (Note: FSC trademarks © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.)
◦Our paper is Green-e certified and/or Green Seal certified
◦Generated by wind power
◦Elemental chlorine free
◦All envelopes and packaging made from recycled paper

You really should check out the modern stationery from Paper Culture - they have everything from baby announcements to birthday party invitations for kids and adults.

Here are some other great examples:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HP and Dell? Tension and Stress Migraine

First, where is HP and Dell? My laptop is dead and neither of you have contacted me about doing a review. I have been using an HP forever, but thought maybe Dell might want to steal my, where is my review?

With everything that has been going on I spent the last weekend at the ER with a horrible tension/stress migraine. I had originally planned on getting all the winners announced and all my reviews posted using a friends computer, but my body had other plans. I will, however, get those winners announced and reviews up as soon as possible - be on the lookout for Kroger, Sam's, Marshalls, TJMaxx, AJWright, Looney Tunes Zoinks, Oscar-Meyer Deli Creations, and more!

Anyway, I'm glad you haven't deserted me...