Thursday, October 1, 2009

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources: Insurance Option for your Uninsured Child

Kids will be kids...that is why UnitedHealthcare offers StudentResources, an affordable health plan for uninsured children. As the new school year starts and while health care reform is battled out in our legislation this is a great resource for many families.

Some Key Benefits of UnitedHealthcare StudentResources include:

• The health plan offers protection/coverage for injury AND sickness, 24/7/365.
UHCSR's program is only available through many participating school districts and participating private schools. Nationally available through schools that belong to the Association of Christian Schools International.
• The Health Plan is available to K12 students from ages 5 - 18 (ages 4-18 in Texas)
• Designed to be affordable at $588 per policy year or $98 every two months. Parents can enroll their student at any point in the school year.

To find out if your child's school district offers insurance in your area click here. The site also offers answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Although my children are now covered under my employer's health insurance, we did utilize this plan in the past. Luckily we never needed to file a claim, but the piece of mind of being covered was always reassuring.

Disclosure: This is a paid post, but it is also my honest opinion.

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