Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids: Legos


No child's list is complete for the holidays without Legos. My oldest son is 16 and still has all his Legos since he was 5! As a matter of fact, Legos is the one thing he and his little brother (who is 5) can spend hours together playing without fighting.

Here are the hottest Legos of the season:

LEGO Clone Troopers Battle Pack 7655

Fans can build up their battle forces! Builders can march across the battlefields of the Clone Wars with this tough two-man walker with flick-firing action. Includes 3 Clone Troopers and an all-new Clone Trooper gunner. 72 pieces. Age 6+. $10.99.

Lego Star Wars - Assassin Droids Battle Pack 8015

Builders can take control in the Clone Wars with this droid speeder with flick-firing action that unleashes the Assassin Droids on the Jedi. Features five all new minifigures. 3 Assassin Droids and 2 Assassin Droid commanders. 94 pieces. Age 6+. Available for $10.99.


My First LEGO Sets

My First LEGO® sets in three classic themes are the perfect way to acquaint young builders with the LEGO build and play experience. Comes in three themes: Fire, Pirates and Castle. Fun and affordable stocking stuffers and travel companions, you can play with each set individually or collect all three for expanded building fun! 117+ pieces. Age 4+. Available for $9.99.

Did you play with Legos when you were little?
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lego. Thank you for the great Lego sets for this gift guide.

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