Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for Him: VTech BLUETOOTH Cordless Phones

I hate talking on the phone at home. I've gotten so spoiled with the cellphone's bluetooth capabilities. I can wash dishes with both hands and not have to hold a phone while I talk to my mom or friends. I can drive home from work and talk to my husband about my day without having to hold a phone. The down side to always using my cell phone in the house is that there are only a couple rooms where I have reception. We have had our home phone for 3 years now and I have probably only used it a handful of times.

Well, that has all changed now. V-Tech was kind enough to send me their new Bluetooth capable phones to review. VTech’s BLUETOOTH-enabled LS6245 and DS6321-3 cordless phone systems enable users to make and receive cellular calls using a cordless handset or use a BLUETOOTH headset to answer landline calls. I tested the phone similar to the Vtech Ds6322-3 and love it. I sync my cellphone with it when I get home - another bonus. Now, when my cellphone rings I can hear it anywhere in the house and since there are 3 phones (requiring only one phone jack) I can pick it up in almost any room. Did I mention I set the phone up to have a different ring for each line? You can do that with this phone. We have 4 different ring tones: my cell, my son's cell, my husband's cell, and the landline.

Check out this video, it probably explains how the phones work better than I'm able to:
You can follow V-tech on twitter: @Vtech411 -- Let them know you saw their review here and tell them what you think about their new phones! They would love to hear from you....

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