Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: My Baby First Steps Wii and DS

If you have a young daughter or son they will enjoy playing My Baby First Steps for hours!

From their site:

Your baby has grown so fast! Can you believe that a year has already gone by? Take care of your baby from their 1st birthday until they're 3 years old. Your baby will discover its entire environment and learn from it, they'll walk, babble and speak, try to catch every object they can, and put everything in their mouth... Your baby will be the apple of your eye!


  • Your baby looks more lifelike than ever with brand new 3D animations and reactions
  • Make sure that your baby has the latest trends with even more items; customize your furniture, clothes, and hair just to name a few...
  • With a new and improved AI your baby will react as if they were in the room with you
  • Innovative gameplay that is based on stylus, touch pad, voice recognition, and the microphone - not a compilation of mini-games
  • Interact with your baby whenever you want and experience real baby-like reactions
  • Watch your baby grow from both a physical and psychological point of view
I think the thing I liked best is watching my son nurture his baby. I think this is a good tool to help him groom those skills. My husband was hesitant at first about letting him play, but he has come around and has actually played it with him a couple times. I'm not sure if it is me but I had a difficult time understanding my toddler. However, the baby talk in the game was easy for my son to understand. Have a girl? She'll be a natural at this game.

If you get a chance you can look at My Baby Village - it is an interactive web site that compliments the game and it is full of valuable tools for children and parents. There is even a mini-game for you to try. You can find My Baby First Steps at, Walmart, and Toys R Us to name a few places for around $29.99.

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