Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids: Remote Control Morphibians Gator has some of the most fun educational toys on the market this year for Christmas. My son tried out the Morphibians Gator Remote Control vehicle and it was not only a blast, but a great tool for physical, spatial, and intrapersonal growth. With each toy the company offers this feature on their site - the ability to see at a glance the developmental benefits of the products. You can also see at a glance the type of play associated with each toy. For instance, the Morphibians Gator features active and manipulative play. The site also divides toys into age categories for someone who is just looking for ideas.My son has owned various remote control vehicles over the past couple years, but he always lost interest in them. The main reason is that they get stuck on rough terrain or he has a difficult time controlling them. The Morphibians Gator has large tires and 4-wheel drive capabilities that allows it to plow through different terrains without a problem. Additionally, the Morphibians Gator drives not only through dry terrain, but also through wet terrain.

The cons? Batteries. The vehicle takes 2 AA and 3 AAA batteries and my son runs through them like crazy.

If you are looking for a remote control vehicle for your child this holiday season, look no further. Made by Kids Galaxy the MSRP is $29.95 - a great price point. You can find all your educational toy needs at

"This product was provided as a courtesy of Growing Tree Toys for me to review."

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