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Mamavation Monday: Bringing Families Together

Hey ladies (and men if you are reading this)! We are starting a new week and there only a couple days left to vote for the next Mamavation Mom! I hope you are all voting every day. You can vote for more than one of us - support is so important for the Mamavation Family. I'd like to say congratulations to the other women (other than myself) that made the finals: @MommyBrain, @FrugalFemina, @iamsucceeding, and @TrulyTrayce. The votes are pretty close according to @bookieboo...that's a good thing! I truly appreciate all of you who are voting for me - it warms my heart! I also want to say that I hope the women who didn't make the finals continue with the Sistahood - we need you and we want to continue to support you!

The next Mamavation Moms will be announced at the twitter party on January, 21st. I hope you have registered for some of the prizes - there will be something given away every 6 minutes! I'm hoping to score something because the prizes are awesome! RSVP here...

Okay, about my week:
I'm not sure how to measure exactly. I need to look into it, but tonight we did our own version of where to measure. Ready? Hips: 47 3/4 inches; Waist: 45 1/2 inches; Arms: 15 1/2 inches; and Upper Thigh: 26 1/2 inches. That sure is a lot of inches. I'm actually larger around my hips than my 5 yo is!

I bought a scale, but I will not be a slave to the scale. It will come out on Sunday mornings and that is the ONLY time! My original weigh-in weight was 230 lbs. and after cutting out soda, sugar, and all diet beverages as well as drinking 64+ oz. of water a day I have dropped 13 lbs in 15 days. Granted I have been more active and I've been monitoring my food intake, but I think the majority of that is the cutting of soda and the imbibing of water. I know I should not expect that kind of weight loss going forward. I would be comfortable with 2 - 3 lbs. Seriously, I don't really notice any difference, but I'm not letting that discourage me. It isn't only about weight loss - it is about being healthy.

Oh, my hubby has been great this week supporting my lifestyle change. He bought me a couple cute workout outfits and the cutest water bottle (see pic). Here are some of my healthy food choices this week:

HINT is a great choice for weight loss because it has NO sugar and NO calories!
Look for my review later this week and I'm giving away a case of multiple flavors to one lucky winner!

Fitness! Yes, I did better this week, but by no means did I do good. I have met my goal of walking at work, but I just don't think it is enough. I'm not sure why I'm having a problem with working out either?!?! I'm totally committed to this, but still can't fit the time in my schedule to workout for an hour. I talked to my husband about it today and we decided that if I do not become the next Mamavation Mom we are buying a treadmill on January 22nd. Our health has to be a priority and if we have to sell the kids to get it, we will (I'm so kidding there ). He also agreed to give up the television every night for one hour to let me Wii. That folks, is a HUGE commitment for him. He wants to use that hour to work out and it forces him off the couch too.

Immediate Goal:
I will maintain my awesome water drinking. I WILL move this week. I will, I will, I will! I have to. I will do at least 30 minutes of elevated heart rate cardio 5 days this week! Do you hear that lazy body? I win, you lose! You will obey! I will make you! I don't care if you are tired. I don't care if the dishes are dirty. I don't care if you have to fold laundry. I DO NOT CARE WHAT EXCUSES MY BRAIN COMES UP WITH - it can "Shut the dUCK up!" - Thanks Pete.

My FIT Friend:(Erin's 4-pack)
One requirement of being the Mamavation Mom is that you must have a FIT Friend - either IRL or virtual. My FIT Friend is Erin from The Mom Buzz. Since fitness is my weakness I couldn't have chosen a better person. I hope you will reach out to her as she is working toward a HUGE goal herself - she is working toward her very first bodybuilding competition!

Here is her story (as told by Erin):
"I was recently inspired when I saw my husband compete in a bodybuilding contest. I saw the sweat and determination he had to lose weight and get in fine, competitive shape. It was awesome. Plus, seeing the women who had competed and transformed their bodies was just amazing. There are so many options for women, too, between bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini. I decided that I was going to compete in Figure, the best place for my build and lack of gymnastic talent. And since July 2009 I've gained 8 pounds of muscle ... and a 4 pack! I am so proud of what I was able to accomplish and I hope that it motivates other women into believing in themselves too! I know it's not easy at first, with a new diet and making exercise routine. But it does get easier over time and the results make it all worth it!

So, in short, I should be appearing on stage in September 2010 in a very teeny bikini and high heels. And I am always willing to help anyone who wants to make a difference in their own lifestyle and physique, because it really is possible!"

Special Thanks:

Thank you, Toni, from Delightful Chaos who is giving away a $25 GC (either Starbucks or Save A Lot) for entry, vote @LisaSamples. I also want to thank Shasta at Faithfully Frugal and Free and @SusieQTPies from Scraps of Life for devoting an entire blog post in support of me! I'm continuously amazed at the support from everyone and all the men and women at Mom Dot and twitter that are behind me...simply speechless again. I hope you will visit their sites and tell them how much they rock! Also, a special thanks goes out to Aunt Lorrie and her family - wow! I was especially touched that my brother Michael (we haven't seen/talked to each other in over 24 years) left me a FB message letting me know he has been voting daily! Mamavation brings families together!

Remember - in order for me to be the next Mamavation Mom you have to vote daily on Mamavation's site (right hand sidebar)! Also, tweets are appreciated and join us Monday night on MomTV for Mamavation and win prizes, more info? Check it out.

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