Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On The Eve of Mamavation Top 5 Announcement

Tomorrow morning 20 women will find out who will move on to stage 2, voting, of the mamavation campaign. Fifteen women will not be on the panel eligible to solicit votes. I prefer not to think about it as the "Top" 5, but as the chosen 5 women who need us. If nothing else, we all (in my eyes) are the Top! We all win.

Granted we may not walk away with two pairs of Earth Footwear--, an EA SPORTS Active, an EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, a Treadmill 6.5 from Smooth Fitness, a Sexy in 6 book by Tracey Mallett, the Growing Up Healthy The Next Generation Way, Dr. Renna's book & workout DVD for children, theTotal Body Fat Burner or Total Body Calorie Blast, DVD by Tracey Mallett, the Gaiam, Tae Bo Amped and Tae Bo T3 series, aGruve, a HydraCoach or pedometer from Sportsline (awesome sponsors) - but we will all walk away with supportive new friends that are making healthy lifestyle changes for all the right reasons.

I want you all to know you have changed my life forever and regardless of whose names are on the list tomorrow - I am here for each and everyone one of you. Thank you for all your support over the last 2 weeks. I cannot imagine making this journey without you.

Here are the women I believe should be on the list:

(Hope I did not forget anyone - pulled list yesterday from site.)
Can you imagine being @bookieboo right now? I can't. It hurts my heart that she has to be the one to say who continues. I know tomorrow, no matter what, she will be hurting. Let's pull together for her and let her know that we value her decision and we support her as well.

Ladies - regardless if I am a part of the chosen 5 I will be by your side every step of the way. I won't desert you. I won't be envious. I won't gossip about who should or shouldn't have been picked. I won't question Leah's choices. I will, however, be drinking my water, practicing portion control, and working on my fitness. I hope you will join me.

Thank you ladies, for being so awesome!


PS I have not forgotten my Sistas who did not apply for the Mamavation Mom slots - you are amazing and I hope I can accomplish half of what you have all done.

For those new to my blog or not following the campaign, please check out Mamavation on the web. Would love to have you as a Sista too!

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