Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank You: I am the Mamavation Mom!

Well, I'm one of the two new Mamavation Moms (check out Katie from Frugal Femina, the other mom)! I owe it to you! Thank you so much for voting and supporting me. I haven't posted until now because over the past week I totally neglected my house (and blog) to campaign for this...but now my work begins. My Earth Footwear shoes, EA Sports Active, Smooth Fitness treadmill, Gaiam DVDs, Tracy Mallet DVDs, Gruve, Sportline pedometer, Pete Cohen weightloss challenge, and nutrition plan from Dr. Renna are all on their way. In the meantime I am using the Bob Green Total Body Makeover DVD to get my workouts.

I will be posting a Mamavation Post each Thursday on my blog and on Mamavation. I hope you will check them out and support my journey. I will not be doing Mamavation Mondays going forward, but will do my best to visit as many of my Sista's posts as possible.

A special thank you to my mom, Aunt Lorrie and her family, my sister and brother, my friend Debbie and all her friends, the crew at Mom Dot, Erin from The Mom Buzz, and Toni from Delightful Chaos.

Now my work begins!

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