Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do All Boys Go Through This Stage?

My youngest boy has this weird fascination for my boots. His dad has a fit every time he sees him wearing them. I don't like it either - not because they are girl boots - but because they cost $110. I keep telling him they are girl boots, but he doesn't care. He said he loves how they sound when he walks and they feel good. Yesterday was his birthday and one of the things he wanted was a pair of boots just like mine. I showed him tons of black cowboy boots they make for boys, but he wasn't interested. He wants heels and he wants them just like mine.

I found him asleep with my boots on.

I remember my oldest son used to wear my pantyhose when he was little and he turned out to be just fine. He never wears women's clothing anymore. So, is it normal for little boys to want to wear their mom's things?

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