Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Mamavation (Week 4)

Have I told you how much I love my @EarthFootwear? I do. You have to get a pair if you are serious about losing and toning - they are simply amazing!

Last week was challenging. I was having a difficult time balancing my life. I was torn between working out, menu planning, husband, kids, dogs, work, blog, The Product Review Place, twitter, Mamavation, BookieBoo, @Pete_Cohen, and everything else. I totally forgot about LISA! The result? I shut down. On Friday of last week I realized what was going on and I kicked my mental butt and go refocused. This week I've made the promise to myself to spend a little time for myself and to get more rest.

I am changing my exercise routine a bit this week and doing a bit more TaeBo since I really enjoy it. I'm also going to tackle intervals on the treadmill. My diet seems to be easy enough so I should be good there...but I'll re-weigh on Monday and if there are no results then I'll make more changes.

This week is different - I'm pushing myself and doing great!

I'm glad all my sisters are so awesome and are supporting me on this journey. I couldn't do it without you.

Short, but sweet today...playing catch up from James' bday!


THE WINNER OF THE "NO EXCUSES" TOWEL IS Tesa Nicolanti -please email me your shipping information and when I receive the towel I will forward it on to you!

Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with the Mamavation Campaign and the sponsors who provided free product or services: Earth Footwear, EA Sports Active, Smooth Fitness, Gaiam, Muve (Gruve), Tracey Mallet, Dr. Renna, and Pete Cohen.

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