Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Babies Are Coming On Mother's Day - I'm So Excited!

Did I get your attention? My brother in-law (Jeff) and his wife (Sabrina) just found out they are going to have a baby and I'm so excited for them.  For me, my baby days are pretty much over (much to my husband's dismay).  Even though I don't want any more kids (I'm 43), I do absolutely love babies.  I love their innocence.  I love how they explore everything around them and look at it with such intensity.  I love their curiosity. I love how they smell.  I love their tiny little feet.  I could go on and on...

On Mother's Day the movie BABIES will hit the theaters and I am hoping that Jeff will bring Sabrina to see it.  I plan on being there.  I think once you watch this clip you will probably be there too.  I would consider this more of a documentary.  It is about the first year of life of four babies from different parts of the world.  The story line goes from birth until age one. 

The Cast (Babies):
1. Hattie from San Francisco, California
2. Bayar from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia
3. Mari from Tokyo, Japan
4. Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia

I think my favorite baby is Ponijao.  Isn't she a cutie?  Who do you like?

Disclaimer: I am posting this as part of a Buzz Campaign since I am a Buzz Agent, but once I actually watched this I would have done it even if there was not a chance I might win some baby supplies for my new niece or nephew-to-be.

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