Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palm Pre Plus: I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet

I am a twitterholic. I love that I have the capability to tweet on my Palm Pre Plus from anywhere at any time.

I love social media apps.  I think I have every one there is in the Palm App Catalog.  It is one of the many features I love and you can check out the apps here on their app site.

From their site:
"Applications designed for the Palm® webOS™ platform make your phone more powerful, more useful, and more fun. And many take advantage of the Palm Synergy™ feature, allowing you to do more with just a touch. Automatically add an event date to your calendar. Share location information in one step. Both free and paid apps expand what you can do."

You will find everything from Guitar Hero to Forbes Intelligent Investing and if you have children you can always download Balloon Pop.  I have that app for my son because it is so easy and fun it keeps  him entertained on long drives...

Find your favorite app

Disclaimer: This opportunity to review/report on my experience with the Palm Pre Plus was made possible by Verizon. I was given a Palm Pre Plus for my review/report, but my opinion on the phone/Verizon is my own. 

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