Monday, March 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday: Goodbye Mamavation Mom, Hello New Lifestyle

This is my first Monday not being the Mamavation Mom. I officially finished this past Friday with a combined total weight loss of 30.6 lbs. I met my goal of getting under 200 lbs. by the end of the campaign. Woot! Woot! My new goal is to get down to 175 lbs. by the time I go back to California in July.

How will I achieve that goal? I plan on sticking to my healthy food choices and keeping up with my fitness. I decided that working out 6 days a week is a bit too much with my schedule and have decided to give myself Tuesday and Thursday as my "off" days. Off, however, doesn't mean I can veg out on the couch. I still need to make active and to move.

I also decided to keep Saturday as my day "off" from strict food choices. I will continue to have dinner of my choice (with moderated portion size) and a dessert if I so desire on these nights. I will continue to make an effort to include 5 veggie servings and 3 fruit servings each day.

The new Mamavation Mom campaign is starting soon. Are you going to apply? I hope so. If you are thinking about it- I have advice. Clear your schedule. If you are a regular blogger or a review blogger - stop taking pitches now and get what posts you have to get done written. Once the campaign starts you will be glued to twitter rallying votes and learning more about the Sistas. If you make the top 5 you will be spending hours emailing every person you have known since high school to get them to vote. You will tweet 24/7 to make sure you don't miss anyone and you will spend a lot of time encouraging other mamavation ladies on their journey. And if you are lucky enough to become one of the moms your real work will begin. You will maintain a food journal and post it regularly. You will vlog your confessions and upload them each week. You will be on Mamavation Monday TV from 9:55 pm EST until 11 pm EST every week. You will do your mamavation post on your blog and once a week. You will tweet daily with your sistas and promote the wonderful sponsors on Twitter. You will do all that as well as work out 6 days a week for a minimum of 50 - 60 minutes. Plan for another hour in addition to that where you will learn portion sizes, cooking healthy, and measuring food intake to include eating/preparing 3 meals and about 2 snacks each the day (depending on Dr. Renna's meal plan). Did I mention it is also important that you inspire the other moms to your best ability by being active in their journey as well?

Sound hard? Dang straight it is, but it is the most rewarding thing you might ever get a chance to be a part apply! I want to be your mentor!

Important Dates:
Applications: March 22-April 1
Voting: April 5-12
Twitter launch party: April 12th from 8-10pm EST
Campaign #4: April 13-May 28

To learn more visit Mamavation.

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