Friday, March 26, 2010

Palm Pre Plus: Convenient Charging a Must Have from Verizon

I've had my Palm now for a couple weeks and so far haven't had any problems other than battery life.  I'm a pretty heavy user though, so I might not be the norm.  I have 5 email accounts that go to my Palm (so very convenient!) and a ton of social media applications that I use regularly.  I also just added Google Voice to my phone because it doesn't have Virtual Voicemail, but now with Google Voice, I don't need it.  Oh and I talk when I drive (on a hands-free Jabra, of course) so that is about an hour of continuous talk time draining my battery first thing every day.

My Palm Pre Plus has an awesome accessory called the Touchstone Standalone Inductive Desktop Charger.  I'm lazy.  I admit it.  I hate plugging in my phone to charge.  This charger is different because there is nothing to plug in.  You put your phone on the part in the picture that says "palm" and it is held there magnetically.  That's all there is to it.  Lay down your phone and it charges.  Awesome?  Heck yeah!  I actually own two of them; one for home and one for my office.  Who wants one?

Disclaimer: This opportunity to review/report on my experience with the Palm Pre Plus was made possible by Verizon. I was given a Palm Pre Plus for my review/report, but my opinion on the phone/Verizon is my own. 

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