Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Pre Plus: Never Get Lost Again

Last year I bought a GPS unit for $150 and this year my maps expired. I went online to download the new maps, but it was going to cost me $79.99. That would mean I spent almost $230 for a GPS unit whose maps are only updated whenever I have an extra $80 laying around....never. I found out that my Palm Pre Plus has VZ Navigator a GPS service offered by Verizon with up-to-date maps. The cost? $9.99 a month...a huge savings!
The VZ Navigator® has some really cool features that my GPS lacked, such as local traffic and a bunch of other things you can check out here.

From their site:
"VZ Navigator provides all the features of an advanced navigation system on your mobile phone at a fraction of the price of other Global Positioning Services (GPS) devices and systems. VZ Navigator provides: heads-up, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions (with auto-rerouting if you miss a turn); local search of nearly fourteen million points of interest (POIs) in the U.S.A.; and detailed color maps that can be quickly panned and zoomed. With VZ Navigator you will know where you are, know what's around you, and know how to get there."

One of my favorite things about the Palm Pre Plus is that it has a long list of features that are all really easy to use. What's your favorite?

Disclaimer: This opportunity to review/report on my experience with the Palm Pre Plus was made possible by Verizon. I was given a Palm Pre Plus for my review/report, but my opinion on the phone/Verizon is my own.

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