Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Palm Pre Plus: On the Go Convenience

I am a busy mom.  I work FT outside the home.  I blog.  I own a social network for review bloggers, companies, and PR.  This past week with my Palm Pre Plus has cut HOURS out of my schedule. 

How you ask?  Well, the biggest time saver for me this week was when my internet went out on Monday morning.  Everyday before I go to work I spend about two hours going through emails, setting up posts, uploading pictures to my computer, and other tasks. Sunday night our cable went out and when I got up Monday our internet was still down.  I began to panic, but then I remembered that my Palm had Mobile Hotspot!  All I had to do was click the app and set a password and I was instantly connected.  It was fast and painless.  No one else was awake, but I could have supported both my son's and my husband's laptops internet if needed through my Palm.

Disclaimer: This opportunity to review/report on my experience with the Palm Pre Plus was made possible by Verizon. I was given a Palm Pre Plus for my review/report, but my opinion on the phone/Verizon is my own.

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