Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping for my Palm Pre Plus at Verizon

Last week I switched. I put my BlackBerry Storm to rest and got a Palm Pre Plus! One thing I loved about the Palm Pre Plus was the size. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand (no pun intended). I also like how it slides up to unveil a full-size QWERTY keyboard! Although this is a touch phone I don't have to struggle with hitting the right spot on the screen to make sure I type the right word.
My shopping experience at Verizon was great. The sales rep, Anthony, showed me all the things I needed to know to start using my phone immediately. I bought all the accessories I could find, including the coolest magnetic charger. I really enjoy the convenience of not having to keep plugging and unplugging it.

I've loved playing with it the past few days. Unlike my last phone you can load this phone up with tons of applications because it has 16G on-board memory built in! Some of the apps I have used so far are Tweed for twitter, Where's My Car? to help me locate my parking space, and Facebook to check out what all my friends are doing. I love the feature that allows me to be in multiple apps at one time. It is so much easier to multi-task.

Check out my full bag of Palm Pre goodies!

There are tons of things about the Palm Pre Plus that I am already enjoying and over the next couple weeks I will share them with you. If you have any questions about the phone, let me know and I will be sure to answer them if I can! If you have the Palm Pre Plus please tell me what your favorite apps are - I would love to know.

Disclaimer: This opportunity to review/report on my experience with the Palm Pre Plus was made possible by Verizon. I was given a Palm Pre Plus for my review/report, but my opinion on the phone/Verizon is my own.

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