Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Mamavation (Week 6)

One more week!

Successes: I haven't quit. LOL Seriously, my diet (except for the pizza earlier this week) has been awesome and they say that is 85% of weight loss. I have kept up with my veggie intake and cutting out of sweets and too many carbs.

Challenges: Working my BUSY schedule.

Sunday I am bound for California. I wish I were going there on vacation, but unfortunately I will actually be working. I have started making a list of local restaurants that cater to healthy eating. I want to make sure I am prepared. Any last tips?

For those new to my site I am one of two Mamavation Moms. You should read about the program here. It is an incredible resource for heathy living. Katie, from Frugal Femina, is the other mom and she has been incredible throughout this campaign. Check her out on twitter: - you can't help but like her.

Every week I talk about myself and my journey through this campaign, but I feel like I have lost touch with some of the Sistas from Mamavation and this week I would love if you could share in the comment section some of what has been going on with you. If you want to leave links to your Mamavation Monday posts for others to read, that is fine too. I just haven't been able to get to many of them lately and feel bad.

One more week and we will start preparing to hand off our torches. On my final post I am thinking of posting before/after pictures. I just hope they look

PS I appreciate our awesome sponsors: Earth Footwear, EA Sports Active, Smooth Fitness, Gaiam, and Tracey Mallet, Dr. Renna, Pete Cohen, MomTV, BookieBoo, and the Sistahood!

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