Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tell off your kid one day?
Tell off your mother-in-law? Or mother?
Or your husband?
Bitch about your bad parenting moments and not be judged?
Have a complete tantrum about something?
Really want/need/have to get something off your chest?

I Am Not June Cleaver is a old blog that Stacie and I are re-purposing as an anonymous, no holds barred, tell all site (although if you don't want to be anonymous, you don't have to). We will accept submissions from anyone interested in contributing.

I Am Not June Cleaver is for the undomesticated goddess (that is totally me), the everyday woman and the woman that we all aspire to be. I know many of us have family oriented websites or blogs that our families read where we may not be able to post everything. Others may just want to rant.

If you have got something to say and want to stay anonymous (or not), we want to hear it.Tell all of your friends about I Am Not June Cleaver. We are completely open to any suggestions. Of course, cursing is acceptable but vulgarity is not.

Bitch and moan to us at:

Or if you have a parenting or relationship question that just needs answering, send it to us for publication and watch the snarks fly!

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