Friday, January 20, 2012

Purchasing the Right Gift for Her

Gift giving can always be difficult when you are a new couple. Finding the right gifts for her can be especially hard when the relationship is relatively new.  One thing is for sure, there is a big difference between purchasing a birthday gift for someone you just met or buying anniversary gifts for a long term relationship. 

Here are a couple factors to consider:

Cost. If you are in a relatively new relationship be mindful of how much money you spend on a gift.  Spending too much on a gift in the early part of a relationship may be a costly mistake; however, spending too little may look as if you are cheap.  Put thought into the gift and be sensible.

Personalize it.  If you have been paying attention chances are you have gotten a bunch of recommendations already. Is she an avid reader?  Don't just buy her that book she keeps talking about - personalize it with a note tucked inside.  Go out of the way and try to get a signed copy.  When you aren't around that book should remind her just how special  you are.

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