Friday, January 20, 2012

Single Parent Dating Tips & Tricks Getting to Know Each Other

Whether you met via an online dating service or a speed dating event you and your new companion have decided to get to know each other better and perhaps take it to the next level.  This isn't always easy for dating parents because children are involved.  It is important to find out just how they feel.

Once you get to know someone and decide to take it to the next step it can sometimes be difficult bringing up certain subjects. Think about the times you have seen your kids laugh and giggle with joy. Those times are most likely when they are watching the antics of animals. Adults can also share in the fun. Here are some ideas of things to do that take a little pressure off getting to know each other:

Visit the Zoo

Take time to talk about the animals you see. You can even play a little game. Which animal would you be if you could? Choose one of the animals that you see and tell your new boyfriend/girlfriend why you chose that particular animal. You might just learn something new about how your boyfriend/girlfriend feels about life and love.  This is a great way to determine if he/she is worth investing in.

Visit the Aquarium

You won't want to miss the penguins, whales, dolphins, and even sharks. Read the information to learn more about the different creatures, because simple facts about the creatures we share the earth with can open up great discussions. Consider the fact that male penguins watch over the unborn eggs. This can certainly give you an idea about what he/she thinks of children and gender roles!

Go to the Circus

Your trip to the circus is just for the two of you to relax and communicate on an entirely new level. Enjoy each other without worrying about how the kids are enjoying the show. Get to the circus a bit early and walk around. This is a great way to monitor how he/she gets along with your children.

Spend time in the animal kingdom with your new romantic interest. It's amazing how much you will learn about each other.

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