Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bingo Stimulates Your Mind - A Healthy Past Time

Wink Bingo is hands down the most fun you can have online. Believe it or not the game is becoming ever more popular with people of all ages. Bingo halls across the globe are being forced to market to a widening demographic and the same goes with online bingo sites.

Older people everywhere are freaking out and wondering how the secret got out. However, I’ve known for quite some time about the thrill of bingo. I remember prior to the internet walking the looks I would get when I walked into a bingo hall.  It's no wonder older people have kept this game to themselves all this time. There really isn't anything that could compare to the rush you get when you hit your numbers and fill up your card. The excitement is so great all you can do is scream Bingo. It's hard to explain if you haven't experienced it. It's more thrilling than riding a roller coaster or base jumping. When you hit Bingo the adrenalin flows through your body like you are being chanced by some prehistoric creature. 

According to recent studies the euphoria and exhilaration from Bingo can actually cure alcoholism and drug addiction – bingostimulates your mind. If you don't believe me just get online, find a Bingo site, and when you are down cased (meaning needing just one number for bingo) come back here and tell me it didn’t get your juices flowing.

This feature post is compliments of Wink Bingo.

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